Recorded in 1991 by Jeremy Pavlov and Jamie Byrnes.
See the official Sanguis MySpace page for more info about the band.

Apparently, there is some controversy over the title of this album; according to Dwane, it was called "Smell of the Glove" by Jeff Sanguis, but otherwise had no title as far as anyone else knows.

Update and Warning... I just found two digital errors in the mp3s that I have to fix later... one is in "To Never Again" and another in "Hell's Half-Acre"... drat... I'll fix 'em and re-post 'em later...

The MP3s:

1. The Hate
2. Purgatory Blues
3. Autumn's Breath
4. To Never Again
5./6. Hell's Half Acre / The Cage
7. Food
8. Intro

In the future, I will be creating a full-length CD image (iso file), which will use *.wav files, and be much higher quality than mp3s...