Death And Taxes (Self-Titled, a.k.a "Morph")

Original jacket artwork (by Sean Branham): Cover (outer); Cover (inner); Maturity; Short Attention Span; Headstrong; Nipple; Band Photo
Released only on cassette. Produced and engineered by: Jeremy Pavlov and Rob "Magic Fingers" Tylak at R.T. Audio.
Tracks 1-3, 11/93; Track 4, 3/93; Tracks 5-7, 1/94 (recorded live in-studio for Z-Rock radio)

Tracks 1-4 Copyright 1993; Track 5 Copyright 1990 (Originally released on Bent Mental); Track 6 Copyright 1992 (Originally released on Mind Mine); Track 7 Copyright 1994

Band Photo: Theresa M. Falasco; All Artwork: Sean Branham; Layout: Scott Wilkie and John Falasco; Representation: RRTProductions and Craig Petterson

The Bus Crew: Jamie Byrnes, Rich Harsch, Sean Branham, Kevin ("G") Lackey, and Jasin (Satan) Collins.

Paul Space: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Scott Kolassa: Bass, Backing Vocals
John Falasco: Just Drums & that's all, dammit
Jeremy Pavlov: Guitar, Vocals

The Side A Stuff
1. Maturity mp3, lyrics
2. Headstrong mp3, lyrics
3. Nipple mp3, lyrics
4. Short Attention Span mp3, lyrics

The Side B Stuff
5. Pedestrian Pickoff Part 1 mp3, lyrics
6. The Will mp3, lyrics
7. Passive/Active mp3, lyrics