Death and Taxes Members

Death And taxes was formed from a pre-existing band called "Vomit". Vomit was orignally Jeremy, Brian, and few couple other guys from High School, circa '87. They had played a few places, but were having trouble getting regular show with the name, and when they did, people showed up looking for a punk-style band. Strange. Anyway, the final incarnation of Vomit was pretty much the same as the initial Death And Taxes, exept Vomit had Chuck playing drums at the end. The decision to change the name was made shortly before Mike joined, so he is also considered a founding member. D & T disbanded in 1996.

Jeremy P., guitar/main vocal; inception - end
Brian P., guitar/vocal; inception - 1989 (left immediately prior to recording First effort "Violence")
John, Bass, bass; inception - 1988 (left shortly after Mike T. joined)
Mike T., drums; inception - ??
Scott K., bass; 1989 - end (Left to join Blue Eyed Soul for stint, before moving away)
Paul S., guitar/vocal; 1990 - end (Joined during second effort "Bent". Currently in Euphoric Haze )
Qorky D., drums; 1992?? - ??
John F., drums; ?? - end (Joined after "Mind Mine". Currently in Euphoric Haze )